Keldagrim Blast Furnace

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The Basics

The Keldagrim Blast Furnace is located within the Dwarven City of Keldagrim, which is accessible after the completion of the Giant Dwarf Quest. The furnace itself is located underground, with the entrance near the south-east corner of the city, denoted by both a minigame and furnace symbol on the minimap.


The most popular method to reaching Keldagrim is the mine carts, located near Nurmof's pickaxe shop in the Dwarven Mines. However, a fee of 150 gold pieces is required along with the requirement of having visited the city once before. With a Ring of Charos(a) the fee is reduced to 75 gold pieces.

Keldagrim can also be reached via the mining carts under the White Wolf Mountain for 100 gold pieces, or 50 runescape gold pieces with a Ring of Charos(a) respectively.

A more unpopular means of transportation to Keldagrim includes the Fairy Rings with the code "DKS". After heading inside the tunnel, the the entrance is off to the east. Afterwards, take a boat ride to northern Keldagrim by talking to the Boat Ferryman for no charge.

If forced to, you can just walk to Keldagrim. The entrance to Keldagrim is located east of Rellekka.

Lastly, there is another way to reach Keldagrim via the Train located in Dorgesh-Kaan. This method requires that the Another Slice of H.A.M. Quest be completed. To transport to Keldagrim, simply enter the Train Station in the southern area of Dorgesh-Kaan and wait about thirty seconds to one minute. The train will depart and after a short cut-scene and you will appear at the Keldagrim Train Station.

Blast Furnace Map

Here is a diagram showing all of the operational parts of the blast furnace with a brief description on each The conveyor belt in which to deposit your ores onto.

A possible malfunction as a result of operating the bike; needs to be repaired with a hammer and 30 Crafting is required. When operating the bike, the cogs can tend to jam; needs to be repaired with a hammer and 30 Crafting is required. The bicycle that peddles the ores on the conveyor belt into the furnace.

The stove that keeps the furnace warm and operable. A stash of coke (coal) is kept next to the stove, along with a spade to use to transport the coke into the stove. The color of the grates of the stove represent how full the stove is. The pump to feed the heat of the stove into the furnace.

A weak spot in the pipeline that tends to break from time to time. This will stop the process of heat being pumped into the furnace and stop all smelting activity. Requires 30 Crafting to repair along with a hammer. The temperature gauge that informs players on when there are breaks and when the stove needs to be fueled when being monitored. Has no requirements to operate.

Another weak spot in the pipelines of the Blast Furnace. Requires 30 Crafting so you need to power leveling your runescape accounts skill to that high and a hammer to repair.

The bar dispenser that spits out hot smelted bars. When empty, a player can look at this to determine the amount of coal in the furnace or the amount that is required to smelt the ores already inside of the furnace. Use a bucket of water on the piping hot bars, enabling you to retrieve them,you can get some gold if you want to start it runescape quests help.