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We interviewed a lady called Kela in Basenagar.

Q. We all are students of B.Sc. B. Ed I year from the Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal. We have a subject called Working with community in which we have to get the information on village people and tell you about us too for which we will be awarded 50 marks. So we will like to gather some information from you. Would you oblige us with it?

Ans. You may ask.

Q. Why such name as Kela?

Ans. (Laughs) my parent kept my name as Kela. In olden times who cared about naming a girl child.

Q. What are the food items you take your meal?

Ans. Everything. Rice, Chapati, Daal and vegetables.

Q. Do you take a balanced diet?

Ans.Yeah, of course.

Q. Don’t you take spinach or any other green leafy vegetable? Ans. No, not the green leafy vegetable.

Q. Why don’t you take?

Ans.Because I don’t like them. Even if I ask my children & husband to eat they won’t agree. We don’t like the taste of it.

Q. Do you face any kind of problem in terms of health? Any serious ailment suffering from a long time? Any other member has?

Ans. No serious ailment. But 1 feel giddiness, body pain and fatigue when I work. Eight years back I had stone in my kidney which has been removed now and costed us Rs. 40,000/- to Rs. 5 0,000/-.

Q. How many times a day you take meals?

Ans. Only two times.

Q. Why two times? Why not three times?

Ans. Simply. Don’t have time to cook and eat three times. I have to work all through the day.

Q. How many children do you have?

Ans. 4 children. Two boys, two girls.

Q. Do they go to school?

Ans. Yes, I send all of them to school.

Q. Have all of them been given polio drops and all vaccinations that are given to children under the Govt. schemes?

Ans. Yes, all have been provided.

Q. Any other disease that affects the village as a whole?

Ans. At this time of winter no such disease but in summer malaria plays havoc.

Q. Doesn’t any anti malarial disinfectant is sprinkled in the accumulated water?

Ans. No. Nothing of that sort.

Q. What do you do to prevent malaria?

Ans. We collect neem leaves and burn them. We also use the mosquito nets.

Q. Are you satisfied with the facilities provided to you in the village? With the system, the Sarpanch, the Panchayat?

Ans. What to say? I am not satisfied with his functions. See, no progress in the village.

Q. Where do you for the toilets?

Ans. In the fields, of course.

Q. There are no hospitals in the village. What do you do when some one falls ill?

Ans.Take the patient to Vidisha. There is no option at all.

Q. Why Vidisha? Is there not any small scale, house based doctor, any one who can take care of simple fevers?

Ans. No.

Q. What about the quality of the food provided at the school?

Ans. Every thing provided is good.

Q. Does the doctor at Vidisha, when giving injections, brings out a new syringe or uses the old one?

Ans. A new one. He throws the old one out.

Q. Do you observe simple but important things like cleanliness, sanitation, washing your hands before eating, washing dirty clothes regularly?

Ans. We care a lot about these.

Q. Where do you dump you garbage?

Ans. We dump our garbage here only. (She indicates in front of her house where a large heap of waste was lying, out side of the paper mill).

Q. Thank you for the interview.

Ans. It’s my pleasure.