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Dear Student,
I have prepared a sample of quiz questions for your practice. I belong to the pioneer class of Distance Education of the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Cape Coast and one thing I realised as a student by then was that, TIME and PRACTICE were very scarce commodities to the Distance Education learner. Now that I am a Course Tutor on the programme, I have offered to help learners to have some feel of pre-test/ quiz questions so that it will enhance their performance in examinations.

Caution: I am in no way an examination agent/officer for the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Cape Coast,  Cape Coast.

Please let me have your comments/feedback before or after taking my trial quiz(zes) through my inbox.

Kafui's World! Everything is possible! But no one will create your world for you!
Additional questions will soon be uploaded!

Please click on any of the trial quizzes to start work. Have a nice time. Goodluck!

Trial Quiz on Unit 1
Trial Quiz on Unit 2
Trial Quiz on Unit 3
Trial Quiz on Unit 4

My Teaching Resources

Please click on the link below to get the resources you want.

Resource Perception & Management-Unit 1.pdf version
Resource Perception & Management-Unit 2.pdf version

Trial Quizzes

Resource Perception & Management- Page for Trial Quizzes