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Welcome to Kafuiaheto's IPYET 2011 VSP Page!
It is a great privilege for me to share some of my activities during the IPYET 2011 Virtual Support Programme (VSP) on this page with you.

Creations from Kafuiaheto
I hope you will enjoy every bit of this page


IPYET 2011 Participants and some of the facilitators. In this picture, we have Henry Charles, Ag. Director Youth Affairs for ComSec.; James Odit and V.P.K. Mensah, Regional Director and Programmes Manager, YESL CYP, Africa Office respectively.

After the ILO-CYP International ToT Workshop in Zambia in April 2011 dubbed International Perspectives on Youth Entrepreneurship Training, participants were expected to train the youth in entrepreneurship with Virtual Support from ILO and CYP since Youth unemployment is a very serious global crises.

According to the Commonwealth Youth Programme Considerations, some dangers of Youth unemployment include the following:
1. "an economic waste" - an unaffordable price
2. Idleness and Mass migration
3. Social unrest and “revolution”
4. Cycle of “intellectual disintegration”
5. Propensity for violence and crime
6. Triple-line development impact – retrogression – drugs, HIV/AIDS, Sex work

The world is very much passionate and concerned about the afore-mentioned dangers of youth unemployment. As part of my VSP 2011, I have always given part of my time to do advocacy work in Youth and Women Entrepreneurship which is dear to my heart. IPYET 2011 Almini from Ghana have individually and collectively organised programmes on Entrepreneurial Training. So far, we have shared nice ideas together especially on the group meetings and presentations. This page therefore gives you some updates of activities that I have been involved in or programmes yet to come as far as my VSP 2011 is concerned. The page is also dedicated to all IPYET 2011 Facilitators and Participants. I still have memories of Siavonga fresh in my mind!


School Based

Entrepreneurship Education for PEC School Students

JHS Students of PEC School after last day of training

A two-day Entrepreneurship Presentation Session for some 110 PEC School JHS ended successfully. The training was on Ideation-Creating a Business idea. All business ideas start from a point. Ideation enables one to have a better view of business opportunities by identifying market(s) and reading competitors. The main aim for this training to give students practical knowledge and skills about the process of creating and developing a business idea is to give confidence to students and also bridge the gap between creativity, practice and theory through ideation. The presentations covered what to do during the pre-idea stage through to the development of the business idea and its sustenance. Issues about experience was a concern to some students since that is always a factor against them. But that is exactly why such training sessions are vital to giving empowerment to young students.

Incorporation of Entrepreneurship Training into PEC School Staff Development Training(Part I)

Cross-section of participants performing an energizer, I pick a ball, waipepeta at an Entrepreneurship Training
Cross-section of participants performing an energizer, I pick a ball, waipepeta at an Entrepreneurship Training

For the period between May and August, 2011, Entrepreneurship Training was incorporated into PEC School Staff Development Training. PEC School Staff Development training sessions normally take place on Fridays, every fortnight. The Entrepreneurship sessions took participants through wealth creation, ideation, importance of youth and women entrepreneurship and other important areas. The school had a support and one facilitator from the Rural Entrepreneurs Development Foundation joining me during the period. In all, 23 people benefited from this training. Two similar trainings are currently on-going.

Incorporation of Entrepreneurship Training into PEC School Staff Development Training(Part II)

In the month of October, 2011 newly staff members were trained and inducted into their job at PEC School. Sessions of entrepreneurship training were incorporated into the training for transfer onto the school pupils.

Incorporation of Entrepreneurship Training into PEC School Staff Development Training(Part III)

PEC School termly staff training and development starts this month, November, 2011. Like the previous staff development training, plans have been made to include entrepreneurship training in the sessions using the GETAhead manual. This is in collaboration with the Rural Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (REDEF). Certificates and course materials shall be provided to participants for free.

Entrepreneurship Training for Cape Coast Technical School Students

Cross-section of participants of the Cape Coast Technical School
In collaboration with Abusua Foundation, a one-day Entrepreneurship Training Session was organised for the Cape Coast Technical School students by the Ghanaian IPYET 2011 Alumni. We spoke on the theme, 'Entrepreneurship Training for Students' under the following topics: Starting and Growing a Business, Raising funds for Entrepreneurship Ventures and Marketing and Customer Management. In fact the students had lots of ideas that can help move our nation and Africa as a whole. In all, the students who attended the programme were close to 250. Amazingly, some of them were already into youth entrepreneurship in one way or the other.

Church Based

Women's Fellowship, Methodist, Adoagyiri-Nsawam

Cross-section of Women's Fellowship participants during the session.
Women's Fellowship Group

During a Health talk delivered on the 15th June, 2011 to about 25 Women's Fellowship Members at Adoagyiri, Nsawam Methodist, I was given the opportunity to have a session on the involvement of Women in Youth Enterprises. During this session, participants realised the need for massive entrepreneurial education by youth groups, parents and schools. Again, some of the participants were of the view that the youths' early contact with entrepreneurship training may keep some of them out of school. As the interesting 'debate' went on, the general consensus was that, education is always geared towards development and that it creates the enabling environment for any sort of improvement, job creation and global development, hence entrepreneurship training must go along side with any school curriculum. In sum,the women identified the following as some ways where they can contribute their quota to the development of Youth Enterprises: Advocacy, Financial support (Start-up capital), Role models, Provision of space and Provision of apprenticeship training to the Youth.

Micro Finance Groups

Events soon to unfold. Thank you.

VConYE 2011

Virtual Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship 2011 (VConYE 2011; Tuesday, 15th - Friday, 18th November, 2011
Conference proceedings are live on http://www.facebook.com/groups/288202714536103/

Up and Coming Events

Entrepreneurship Training for Catholic Youth Organisation, Adoagyiri-Nsawam
Entrepreneurship Training for Micro finance groups in the Volta Region
Entrepreneurship Training for some Second Cycle Schools in the Volta Region