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Ministry of Education statement [1]

Competencies help us to live, learn, work and contribute to society. They are more than skills and involve knowledge, attitudes and values that result in action. Competencies are critical in all areas of our being.

We concur with the Ministry of Education statement, “The development of the competencies is both an end in itself (a goal) and the means by which other ends are achieved. Successful learners make use of the competencies in combination with all the other resources available to them”.

Our work with children includes personal goals, other people, community knowledge and values, cultural tools (language, symbols, and texts), and the knowledge and skills found in different learning areas.

We intend that children should have opportunities to develop the full range of key competencies and to make these practices part of their own identity and expertise. Learning contexts at school will be designed to challenge and support children as they develop their competencies.

Key resources we rely on:
NZEI "The Connected Curriculum";

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