K.A.R.I OER experience by John N Mburu

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I was introduced to e-learning at the university of J.K.U.A.T and it was based on cerification courses ofered through distance learning.It was good experience though tasking.Major challenge was the availability of computers and internet connection.

The workshop has provied me with knowledge at hand on E-learning, future trends, Collaboration . This is encouraging and is greatly recommeded.

However the great challenges that will need to be overcome still remains and can be classified as Human based and Technology cross.

Human Based

    • Anticipation of change
    • Reality
    • Letting go of old
    • Refocus on new
    • Integration of new


    • Billing process - Complications of paying bill
    • Computer break down - this is not a controllable by the institution...but, learners don't often draw clear distinctions between problems that are institutional or personal. The whole experience is lumped under "elearning".
    • Network is down
    • Erratic internet access

However the great deal ahead outwares the challenges:

    • Reduced overall cost is the single most influential factor in adopting e-learning.
    • Learning times reduced, an average of 40 to 60 percent.
    • Increased retention and application to the job averages an increase of 25 percent over traditional methods.
    • Consistent delivery of content is possible with asynchronous.
    • Expert knowledge is communicated, but more importantly captured, with good e-learning and knowledge management systems.
    • Proof of completion and certification, essential elements of training initiatives, can be automated.

Thank you.