Justice and Human Rights

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Human Rights

As a concept; as fundamental rights of man; Human rights Declaration; the United Nations, the OAU (The African Union), the Commonwealth, Amnesty International and human rights; the Uganda Constitution and human rights; human rights under the regimes of Hitler, Idi Amin, Bokassa, Ngouabi, and the South African Regime.


The Uganda Constitution and citizenship; types of citizenship; rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens; position of exiles and refugees.

Lives of Great Defenders of Human Rights

Janani Luwum; Dr. Nyerere; Dr. Kaunda and Humanism; Martin Luther King, Luthuli, Gandhi.

Justice and Tolerance

Original concept and necessity; application of justice and the different forms of justice: economic, social, political and religious.

Lives of Great Teachers on Justice

Socrates, Rousseau, Karl Marx, Engels

Justice Under the Regimes of:

Hitler, Idi Amin, Racialist South Africa.

The Judiciary in Uganda

Early tribal judiciary systems. Evolution ; independence; under Idi Amin; Amin's military tribunals.

Crime and Punishment

Concept of crime; the traditional African concept of crime; causes of crimes; the criminal and society; prevention of crime; punishment and purpose; Uganda's Penal Code.

Morals and Moral Rehabilitation

Growth and development - the role of the family and society; moral degeneration - causes and consequences; moral rehabilitation after fascism or war (the Uganda case); the role of religion and the philosophy of reconciliation.

Lives of Great Teachers on Morals

Moses (OT); Jesus Christ; Mohammed; Buddha Gautama; Confucius.