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Julia's Comments

Check in

  • where are you at
  • first use
  • outstanding issues


  • replacement for Survey Monkey
  • environmental scan for strategic planning
  • challenges:
    • most meetings do not have Internet access
    • most clients do not bring PCs into meetings


  • something... which I didn't hear


  • early adopter/early majority NOT an Innovator or a Laggard
  • asynchronous - 'eh-synchronous' (at start, or simply try it out); brainstorming...
  • planning of it - in a community of practice (get feedback from my colleagues), and that report back


  • virtual teams in US & Canada
  • need to be feel comfortable and 'play' before going live
  • Julia: it's too late... you could also do a Team Debrief
  • what worked
  • what could work better
  • how are we doing as a team
  • useful time to do an anonymous check in, interesting issues up... team leader can come back, and come away....
  • in advance of our teleconference, we want to do a team check in - how are we doing?
  • report - team strategy


  • using a limited piece, and getting both self and client used to it...
  • Vancouver, consulting skills


  • I don't think everyone is going to have a laptop
  • may use it to be the brainstorm; and the combination
  • taking the results
  • an extra laptop, could be used as a voting station...but you would have log in...

Training cont'd

Follow Me

  • push out to the participants
  • click "Return to Main Screen" (another time) - this will reset the screen, and the Follow Me function will be ready to go.
  • try it out, with the Follow Me, in the Intersol Lab


  • best to use "shared id' - (you need in and out priveleges)
  • individual id for a facilitator
  • separate Id, if people come in and out (I might go to the effort of creating individual IDs for each tables....or you could use a shared ID, and then ask to put in for Table 1, 2, etc. (an alias)
  • JL: chose to create 60 separate user Id's
  • JL: put pword in email field

User Name

  • If you need an attributed brainstorm, you will have to create a user name and password
  • JL: (1) In the Conference, change the permissions - then in the User Profiles rename this one;

(2) security discussions - using this tool with Multiple Names

  • Lise:
  • User profiles - type over the User Profile that you want to create
  • the conference permissions have to reflect the user permissions
  • with Pro - you need to create the User IDs, and then delete them, when you are done
  • naming conventions: Name_Client_2009
    • setting expectations with Clients (re: best practice)
      • Instruction to Client: will be doing this after conference - for security reasons, your login id will be deleted...


  • show models of what constitutes "a" leader, or "a" performance, and then focus groups, or action teams - and then over the semester (Univ. of Georgia) - would put the scenario up, and then ask questions, and through the week add responses and suggestions.
  • at the end of the week, all of their input, the person would be to write up the case study...
  • went through the methodology - action learning, here is how I acted upon it...


  • is a push tool - push info out to the group


  • pull tool... pull info into ....
  • GMAC facilitation and training - want to do workshops virtually - and then procedures
    • brainstorming component (slides, links, etc.)


  • think about the Live Presentation time differently - great time for interactivity
  • for Webinars or Conferences
    • Peter Senge - 1 slide - visual (rest, conversation)
  • LL: Call your partner: 15 min each; to prepare (30) minutes, before the real "live" presentation
  • LL: another way of doing it, just have a phone conversation....

Resources 1

Audio: http://www.freeconference.com

Meeting: Elluminate, or Go To Meeting; Audio Conference

Facilitation: http://www.facpro.intersol.ca

Conferencing: Maestro

Survey Monkey - http://www.surveymonkey.com/Home_Pricing.aspx


  • will have to have a confernce
  • topic
  • fill the flipchart with questions
  • apply the vote
  • set the vote
  • invite participants to it
  • strict naming convention
  • consider the VP - Voting Profiles (VP)


  • use form
  • know what you want before you do it (written / planned out - in WikiEducator
  • use links at top, to jump to right place
  • comments: 70 wide; number of rows - 5 comments deep
  • Click Here OR Rate this Item OR
  • pull down buttons hide the choices
  • radio buttons push out (so you don't need an artificial choice)

Click here Strongly Agree Agree Neither

1) Ignore results receiving a value of: (e.g., did not respond) 2) Ignore results receiving a value of: (e.g., responded but no opinion) Note: 99 - Don't Know

  • don't want to calculate 00s and 99s

then facilitate main screen, and then topic want to vote on,

  • within the topic editor, I can generate a new ID