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Journalism & Mass Communication Course on PEOI

(Comment.gif: You are welcome to go to PEOI, and use the content for the Journalism course (and any course) in your materials. WE have been granted permission to use and remix these materials (CC-BY-SA) by John Petroff, PEOI's Founder. Randy Fisher 10:48, 15 December 2009 (UTC))

Organization of chapters:

The topics are arranged in a sequence most commonly used to teach the material in college courses.

  • Chapter 1: Development of human communication
  • Chapter 2: Theories of Communication
  • Chapter 3: Uses of mass media
  • Chapter 4: Communication skills
  • Chapter 5: Journalistic Writing
  • Chapter 6: Changes in the Social and Economic Scenario
  • Chapter 7: Corporate communication
  • Chapter 8: Issues in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Chapter 9: Broadcast communication
  • Chapter 10: Communication in the e-world - Issues
  • Chapter 11: Journalism, Public Opinion and Civil Society