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  • jprof approaching it's fifth birthday; teaching journalism for 30 years; written several books, adopted in numerous places....
  • looking forward to the time, when there might be a new edition of the book, I've written, and created the site, as a "giant feeling cabinet", to help me keep up with the field in its entirety.
  • that was the original, basic idea of the stuff..
  • maybe the stuff I created would be useful for people, who are teaching journalism
  • this would be a good site to house the syllabuses for the courses I teach
  • it has drawn an international audience (mideast, eastern europe and asia)
  • that's where I am with the website...
  • I am involved in a different projects, where JPROF is the starting point for a number of projects that I am doing...
  • I've got a lot of content that I've got on there; I can develop new stuff and particularly as the web has developed as a medium, it gets more and more interesting...
  • it can be used
  • re: Open Ed:
  • I see a lot of potential here, this is good for our American students here, for our students to be involved in something like this; I could easily see some class projects here..
  • your retirement
    • one of these days I'll retire, I don't know if I will want to stop doing what I'm doing;
  • your interests

  • one possibility might be to develop a journalism course based on Learning4Content
    • one of the big things I'm involved with (when I came to Univ. of Tennessee in 2006), I helped start a student journalism website.
    • became very popular, and a teaching tool, central to our curriculum
    • it could happen on other campuses - take our CMS, and generatize it, and give it away...
    • if there were campus news websites, why not try to form communities, or association, show content; few friends - we started Inter-Collegiate Online News Network (now into 2nd year), couple of dozen campus
  • we'll be successful in attracting money
  • outlet, partnership - or mutual benefit?
    • community / web journalism
  • I would certainly be willing to contribute whatever I could to an effort like that; I would be willing to be supportive in that regard;
  • one of the things that attracts me, is an international focus and worldwide reach - that's very attractive and very useful
  • I'm very interested in the international focus and international reach - we could probably come up with a good partnership, that could be of interest to both of us.

  • community journalism
  • Introductory course to Journalism, Writing, or Reporting (as our Intercollegiate Organization would develop; an international partnership would be interesting to us)

in response to

December 2009 letter.


I found your excellent journalism site - and was wondering about your interests in web journalism. I am on the governing council of WikiEducator (think Wikipedia for education), and we are exploring possibilities for web journalism in our community. (I was trained as a print journalist). is a growing international community of 11,000+ educators in 110+ countries - and we'd like to include a journalism component. We are dedicated to developing a free and open version of the world's education curriculum by 2015, in line with the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

Would you be interested in chatting?

- Randy