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First Year Courses

Gen 622 Gender and Education In this course, we will go through the following topics:

  • What is gender
  • Controversy on gender and related issues
  • Feminist theory, andfeminist movements
  • Masculinity
  • Theories in Gender and Education
  • Policies and responses to gender and education

Gen 641 Gender and HEALTH

  • Healthand sanitation situationin the country
  • Traditional healers and the rolew of women
  • Alternative health practices/service providers
  • Pregnanacy and reproductive health issues
  • Gender and the hidden ailments
  • Maternal health care services and initiatives
  • Health policies, interventions,

Gen 651 Research projects and Programs in Gender Studies

  • Definition of concepts - Research,projects, programs
  • How to write a research project
  • Types of projects and programs
  • The development issue and policies
  • Project analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Second Year Courses

Gen 661 Gender Analysis

  • Gender Tools of analysis
  • Identification of various tools of analysis
  • Why use tools of gender analysis
  • Empowerment
  • Roles of NGO's and the application of analytical tools
  • Educ 616 Education and Development
  • Educ 515 Gender and Education
  • Mdm 639 Gender and Educational Management

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Third Year Courses

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Fourth Year Courses

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*GENDER AND EDUCATION In this course,we will go throughthe following topics:

  • meaning of gender and the controversy with sex
  • Related concept
  • Feminist movements in Sierra Leone

*Gender and Health

  • The traditional medicine
  • Role of women in promoting traditional medicine



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