Job Applications for Business/Task One

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Learning Activity: Position Requirements


From the job list below, choose one position that you are interested in applying for. Sample Statement of Duties for positions in our simulated Business Environment are available from your teacher. Using your Portfolio page, post your own reflective thoughts on what you believe are the knowledge, skills and abilities required to adequately carry out your preferred position:


  • Accounts Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • HR Assistant
  • Receptionist 
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant


To assist you in completing this posting, the following steps are suggested:

  1. Locate and review the Statement of Duties for your chosen Position
  2. In this Statement of Duties, identify the section Knowledge, Skills and Experience (Selection Criteria)
  3. Reflect on your previous work experience and post the aspects which relate to your selected position.
  4. In your posting detail the relevant training which you have received before you commencedwith the Swaggies company.