JavaSpecialistsSymposium2011:Recurrent Themes and Activities

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Fun things to talk about or do.

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Not wanting to re-invent the wheel is not an excuse to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Just because it has been here for a while, it does not mean that it doesn't fit nowadays.

Topics and activities that are always fun to do - even more than once.

Some of these are always great discussions, debates or other activities for open spaces as the issues and flavour evolve with the technology. They are especially good for people relatively new to the field to gain insight into the relevant issues. The benefit is amplified through interaction among people of all levels of experience.

Please add topics and comments - even describe the activities if you have time.

  • Persistence: relational or other?
  • Checked exceptions (the expected lively debate was not so lively this time around)
  • Java programming in context (perhaps an activity involving programming teams)
    • Use case workshops
    • ExtremePlanning
    • CRC
  • ...

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