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Content initially extracted from Java Specialists wiki. Updated here.

Move older breaking news items to this page for future reference.

Day 4

  • Friday dinner: if interested, sign up on flipchart in Val de Mer - contact Elisabeth Kasimir.
  • Check the Launchpad and make a plan with the convenor if there is a topic you want to discuss
  • Venue changes: check the space-time matrix (and be in the Val de Mer at changeover time)
  • Hacker Garden Topics for Day 4:
    • JPatterns
    • Annotations for design patterns
    • CoffeeScript for Java
    • NetBeans Erlang Plugin

Day 3

  • Venue change (swapped):
    • Checked Exceptions (a lively debate!!)
    • The MIGHTY OAK: building communities with deep roots (library 2)

Day 2

  • Please sign the license agreement.
  • Excursions (see excursions page)
  • Some topics on the launchpad have been scheduled. Please check if you are convening:
    • 3D Graphics - Steffen
    • Spring Frameworks: experiences, configurations - Steffen
    • Business Process Management and Rule Engines - Giannis
    • Checked Exceptions
    • Etc.