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The Interactive Session

The English society, ZEST organized its first program for the year 2012-13 ‘The Interactive Session’ at 2 pm on 27th July, Friday in the Multi-purpose room, DDUC. After the formal department Orientation Program on the 20th, this theater-based jamming session presented several histrionic activities intended to create alertness, boost creativity, and enhance versatility among the ZEST members. The key idea was to provide oppourtunities for developing healthy bond between the seniors and the juniors by making them able communicaters which, in turn, adds to the cohesiveness of the group. The enthusiasm of the students, the participation of the teachers and the organizer, Mr. Ajay Manchanda’s expert guidance made the event a grand success.

The event was entirely based on theatre exercises that help one understand oneself better along with extracting the most out of others. Right from the free walk to exhausting games, from the amusing greeting to serious trust exercises, from the individual acts to improvisations, every single activity was effective and the students keenly looked forward to the next one. Several activities were performed in a short time. The compact theatre session not only gave amazing results but also challenged the efficiency of the students.

Each activity required an individual’s complete involvement along with patience to work in teams. The fundamental goal was to break the isolated chambers of students and encourage them to be a part of a group, in order to build a sense of belonging and responsibility without which their education would be incomplete. The students were urged to discover their latent potentials and leadership qualities which is essential for their success. Lessons of self-motivation and self-esteem were imparted so as to highlight ‘self’ that’s on the verge of transformation during the initial days of College life. Emphasis was laid on being human, creating an aura of humanness around and inspiring everyone to do the same. Discussions on social issues too had a great impact on the students who voiced their various concerns.

Dr. Jayini Adhyapak and Dr. Rohith joined the students in various activities, making the session all the more enjoyable. The surprise visit Dr. Pramesh Ratnakar paid to the students enlivened the festive ambiance. Mr. Ajay Manchanda’s unmatchable potency, remarkable efforts and impeccable direction made the Interactive Session a pleasing and enriching experience for all.

– Leena Mehta