Non-technical success factors

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Non-technical success factors
Convenor: Marc H., Peter C.
  • Marc Hoffmann
  • Peter Carruthers
  • Andres Almiray
  • Marcus Hirt
  • Giorgos Saslis
  • Maz Rashid
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Discussion about the non-technical issues and success factors for software projects.

Non-technical success factors for Teams

Customer related issues raised:

  • customer bureaucracy, politics and status quo ("we do not do it like that here")
  • customer users feel threatened by system changes and sabotage projects
  • customer teams uncomfortable with external teams invading their domain
  • no access to actual users of the current systems to see how they work and how they manipulate them to get their work done
  • reliance on business analysis produced by customer employee where that analysis is often flawed and lacking detail
  • needing to resort to "guerilla tactics" to get the work completed
  • customers demanding accountability but also demanding that the team work in their offices and under their constraaints
  • legacy customer manual processes that have strong impact on results
  • Cinema where time at checkout is slashed by putting up signs to help cinema-goers choose movies before reaching checkout offers better results than cutting 5 seconds off checkout processing
  • Customers not happy with TDM
  • Team leaders not trained in change management or conflict management
  • culture clashes between results-oriented contract teams and in house teams

Team management issues raised

  • technical proficiency inevitably leads to promotion to team leader without enough training in softer management skills
  • technical proficiency (hard analytical skill) mitigates against people management skill (softer, more intuitive skill)

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