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Convenor: Stephen Chin
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Steven Chin brought a whole bunch of LegosMX
Hackathlon in JCrete: Steven Chin's legos.
all the way from US to run a Hackathlon, or NightHacking at OAC in JCrete. Two parallel hack sessions were run: Even though this was a H/W hacking, software is also needed, and here is what it was required:
Legos MX
For Lego Mindstorms:
Legos MX

This will walk you through installing a 32-bit Java 7 JVM and LeJOS 0.8.1.

This will walk you through installing Eclipse 4.4 and the LeJOS EV3 plug-in.

For Raspberry Pi:
Legos MX
  • Windows-only:
  • [Putty] (would recommend the windows installer that includes everything)
  • [WinSCP]
And of course:
Legos MX

For more details on JavaFX/Raspberry Pi hacking, check out this post.

Legos MX

Many outputs of the event can be found in Steve's [nighthacking] site.

Legos MX

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