JCrete2013:Edit Recordings With Audacity

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To help edit the recordings, please contact one of the organizer

Useful Links:

Steps to edit recordings:

  • Find the recording in the Excel list and put your name as Editor before starting to edit it.
  • Remove Noise with Noise Removal Effect (Effect > Noise Removal)
    • Use Analyze -> Silence Finder to find silent parts to use as input for noise removal
    • However, using default noise reduction 24 db the result was that you could hardly here anything. I reduced it down to 6 to be able to listen.
  • Use High Pass filter with cut-off 25Hz to remove subsonic noise (Effect > High Pass filter )
  • (Try the notch filter, didn't use it yet) Effect > Notch filter
  • Use Normalizer with only the middle selection (Effect > Normalize)
  • Remove unwanted sections which contain offtopic conversation etc. (Select the section and Ctrl+X (Cmd+X on Mac) )
    • Zoom in and scroll over the file to find peaks
    • Listen to the peak
    • If it's voice which is just too loud, mark the area (use Z to start/end with zero crossings) apply Amplify Effect with -2 to -4 to reduce the loudness.
    • If it's a click, use Click Removal effect or cut it out completly. Use Fadeout/Fadein effect to smooth the end/start of a click within a word
  • When done, check the file again
  • You may now use Amplify/Normalizer/Equalizer to improve the audability of the voices. Euqalizer didn't work for me though.
  • Export to OGG when finished
    • Use Quality 5 (Options Button in the Export)
    • Fill in title, author and track
  • Rename to remove spaces. Replace everything apart from a-zA-Z0-9 with underscores
  • Upload to wikimedia.org