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Court is a version of Hide and Seek, more related to Camouflage. It begins the same as Camouflage, with one person in the middle and everyone else hiding. But in this game everyone has to start in a designated area, say everyone starts to the left hand side of the seeker. The main goal for the hiders is to sneak to a hiding area (say a log or tree well... it is good to have a place on the opposite side of where they), without being seen by the seeker. If found, the hiders (we will say the caught hider is hider A) has to go and wait next to the seeker until a person that hasn't been caught waves to the hider, without the seeker seeing. Hider A will then try to sneak away from the seeker without being noticed, and if they are caught again they have to wait until another uncaught hider waves to them.

Playing Area

The game can be played pretty much anywhere, especially in a place with lots of obstacles for the hiders to hide behind, a forest is a good area to play in.