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Version of Hide and Seek. This game begins with the seeker (one person) standing in the middle of the playing area. The seeker closes their eyes and begins to count to thirty (or however long you need). During this time, the hiders (everybody else) have to go find a place to hide. While in their hiding places, the hiders have to be able to see the seeker at all times. After the countdown is over, the seeker opens his or her eyes. The difference between this game and conventional Hide and Seek is that the seeker cannot move from their area, they have to try to spot the hiders, which they should be able to do if the hiders are not cheating and can actually see the spotter. When a seeker sees a hider, they yell out their name or an article of clothing they are wearing if they don't know who they have spotted. If the hider is playing fairly, they should be able to know it is them they are talking about, because they should be able to see the spotter. (Comment.gif: This sounds like a great game! I'd play this one for sure.. but I might need more time than 30 seconds --Leighblackall 20:42, 9 February 2009 (UTC))

Playing Area

The game can be played pretty much anywhere, especially in a place with lots of obstacles for the hiders to hide behind, a forest is a good area to play in.


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