Is there a cure for Brain Injury?

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Currently there is no cure for Brain Injury. There are preventions and prognosis, but a cure has not been found. There are many studies
being completed and there is different speculation out there about what works and what does not.

Recent research and studies show that the cells in the brain are not able to reproduce and when there has been damage to the brain,
it does not re-grow those cells or replace them. What has been determined is that the brain will learn to compensate for the
damaged portions. We have learned that we can re-learn to walk, talk, read and many of the daily activities that may have been
lost upon injury. Our brain re-trains itself and learns to compensate for all of that.

What has also been determined is that after a brain injury, the more active one is and the more one uses their brain, their brain
is likely to become stronger and they will have an easier time functioning on a day to day level.

There has been some discussion about nerve growth regeneration and whether or not this could be replicated in the brain and be
used with cells for brain injury. There is very little research on this.

Overall there is very little research on brain injuries and cure, most times cure in respects to a brain injury is defined as
the prognosis of the brain injury or rehabilitation in relation to the brain injury; but there is not actual cure. Any additional
information or research on brain injury and cure would be great to help further develop this site.