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Transparency and Open Communication

We seek to make our policies and operations as transparent as possible. All procedures and processes are published online and potential participants can view, comment, and ask for clarifications before taking any actions. We aim to ensure that you at all times know the status of your applications and what possible steps and avenues are still open to you.

Equal Opportunity

We aim to provide an equal platform to all without prejudice. We will not consciously and to the best of our operational capacities, discriminate against any person(s) including minorities or disadvantaged persons. We aim to swiftly assess all reported cases or potential/perceived abuses and take remedial measures.

Professional Etiquette

It is our aim to be professional in all our dealings. We will extent our professional etiquette to all regardless of status, location, age, gender, race, etc. If you have cause to cite any of our staff for been unprofessional, please write to our email address with the word complaint in it. A team will get back to you momentarily. Your suggestions for improvements are also welcome.


We will NOT request participants for personal details such as bank accounts and passwords. We will NOT store or use personal date for purposes other than the programmes for which they were collected. We will not disclose your data nor give access to third-parties without your express confirmation.

Report any suspected breaches.

Monies and Refunds

Fees Policy

The organisors are not-for-profit organisations and will thus not seek to make profits from IPYET or related programmes. As development organisations however, we beleive that full-sponsorship is detrimental to individual and organisational development. We will thus ensure that some personal or organisational commitments in finance are made towards capacity building programmes such as IPYET. All fees collected go towards direct programme costs.

Deferments and Refunds Policy

We understand that despite your interest in participating in the IPYET programme and all preparations made, circumstances may call for withdrawals from the programme or deferment. Our programme timeline is structured to give you ample time to prepare and make a decision on participation. Kindly take note of the following timelines.

  • Calls for Participation are released around June of every year preceding the actual year of the IPYET cohort.
  • Applications end in August of every year preceding the actual year of the IPYET cohort.
  • Admission letters and offers of bursaries (where applicable) are dispatched in September.
  • Deadlines for payments end in October of every year preceding the actual year of the IPYET cohort. This leaves two months before the start of IPYET.
  • All admission processes end by mid-December of every year preceding the actual year of the IPYET cohort.
  • IPYET starts on 01 January (even if actual classes have not)

Deferment of Admissions

Deferments can only be granted after at least 50% payment of necessary fees and can be deferred only once for the preceding year of admission. No extra fee will be charged even if the programme fee goes up.

Refund Rates

  • Requests for refunds before 15 December - 100% less bank charges
  • Requests for refunds after 01 January but before 15 February - 100% less 25% of final fees charged to participant
  • Requests for refunds after end of Online sessions but before start of residential programme - 100% less 40% of final fees charged to participant

Note: Kindly allow up to 30days for approved refunds to be processed and transferred/paid.