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News From Participants

Monday 18th April, 2011

Participants from Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are gathered at Siavonga’s Safari Lodge, Zambia to attend a 7-day intensive training workshop on “International Perspective in Youth Entrepreneurship Training”. The workshop started on Saturday in Lusaka.

The well-organised Siavonga workshop programme started on Monday 18th April, 2011 and participants seemed very eager to participate. The participants were introduced to the training procedures and comprehensive training resources and the toolkit was given to each participant. The benefit of the workshop is that, besides what they get from facilitators or training, participants would at the end have networked and shared experiences on youth development issues from different countries.

By Wilson J. Mbongwe (Botswana)
18th April, 2011

Tuesday 19th April, 2011

The 2011 IPYET Workshop yesterday entered it fourth day at Lake Safari Lodge in Siavonga, Zambia. The facilitators from ILO and CYP took the participants through various roles plays and practical exercise to illustrate “successful selling”, marketing and making products and services. In all the exercises, participants applied skills learnt from the first day of the workshop such as ‘innovativeness, negotiation and networking’

The day ended with a boat cruise on the magnificent Lake Kariba where participants got to know each other more through a string-ball network exercise.

By Mulako Mwanamwalye (Zambia)
19th April, 2011

Friday 22nd April, 2011

Today is the last workshop day and the weather was fine in Sianvonga. Earlier in the day, participants had high expectations, though mixed with feelings of anxiety for the planned assessment, and the reality that departure will commence midnight on Saturday 23. Since strong bonds had developed among participants, we do expect to see emotional farewells and departures.

Despite this, the day went well. The objectives of the lectures and practical exercises of the day was to build participants capacity to design Sustainable Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. The workshop came to a close with discussions on a six months virtual support program to be provided by the Commonwealth Youth Programme(CYP) and International Labour Organization(ILO), as well as discussions on bilateral and multilateral and collaborative arrangements between participants. As at the time of writing this report no agreement had been signed but there were indications of possible collaborations.

The social event of the day was the dinner at 19:00hrs, where participants made the most of their last night in Siavonga and danced far into the night to local Zambian music and music from various African countries. It was a fun night and an excellent way to end the workshop here in Siavonga.

While the participants look forward to the events of tomorrow, especially the visit to the Kariba Dam early in the day, I am Ebiho Agun(Nigeria), a.k.a Shining Star Reporting Live from Sianvonga, Zambia


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