Iodometry Assignment

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Q.1. To what class of titrations does iodometry belongs to?

Q.2. What is the difference in iodometry and iodimetry?

Q.3. Name the indicator used in iodometric titrations?

Q.4. Why can't starch be added in the beginning of the titration in iodometric analysis?

Q.5. What are the disadvantages associated with starch as indicator?

Q.6. Why does K2Cr2O7 act as an oxidizing agent in acidic medium only?

Q.7. What are the sources of error in iodometric titrations?

Q.8. Strength of oxidising agents is determined using Iodometry/Iodimetry?

Q.9. What is so special about iodine -iodide couple which makes it so important in titrimetric analysis?

Q.10. Why is it necessary to maintain the pH around 4.6 in iodometric estimation of Cu2+ ?

Q.11. What is the role of NaHCO3Subscript text in iodometric estimation of K2Cr2O7 ?

Q.12. Why do you add few drops of H2SO4 acid while preparing a standard solution of CuSO4 ?