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References for Introductory Sociology

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These references (currently being prepared) are intended to accompany the course, Introductory sociology.--Philbartle 08:22, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

Web references change: some come and go.
That means not all of these will still exist by the time you read this.
You are invited to contribute by looking for further web references and sharing them with all of us.
It is possible, with cautious and thorough research, to find all the material needed, on the internet, without having to buy a text book.

The following references include some papers written by me, |; On that home page, click on the "Key Words," and look for the topic, or click on the "Training Modules," and find the topic In the [ Dead Sociologists] web site, you will find most of the topics covered by the text book. Look for them by name of each classical sociologist.

You are invited, and expected, to join in the pn line discussions on various topics. See: On-Line Discussions

If you cannot access the following, as this page is being constructed, go to he CE web site Web References


Blog, What Can I get out of This course?

The Sociological Perspective

Bartle, Sociological Perspectives
Bartle, Everyday Things
Bartle, Poker Game
Bartle, Key Words, Anthropomorphise
Bartle, Key Words, Applied Sociology
Bartle, Key Words, Clinical Sociology
The Dead Sociologists Society: Meander through this comprehensive site;
Trinity University, Texas; A Tour Through Sociological Cyber Space
The Free Dictionary Sociology; Connect Online, Top 20 Sociology
The Canadian Encyclopaedia, Comte
The Canadian Encyclopaedia, Sociology
Henslin; Web Companion to Text Book
John Macionis, The Sociology Page

Three Classical Perspectives

Bartle, Precursor of the Conflict Perspective: Karl Marx
Bartle, Precursor of the Structural Functional Perspective: Emile Durkheim
Bartle, Precursor of the Symbolic Interaction Perspective: Max Weber
Bartle, Durkheim and Weber
Bartle, Key Words, Conflict
Bartle, Key Words, Functionalism
Itgo; Murray State University, Joe Dunman, The [ Durkheim Archives]

Social Research and Epistemology

Bartle, Knowing
Bartle, Kinds of Research Methods
Bartle, Participant Observation and Unobtrusive measures
Bartle, Preliminary Family and Community Data
Bartle, Problems of Prediction and Cause
Bartle, Social Organization of Family or Community
Bartle, Using the Six Dimensions in Family Research
Bartle, Participant Observation and Unobtrusive measures
Bartle, Key Words, Causal
Bartle, Community Research
Bartle, Kinds of Research Methods
Trinity, Texas, Guide to Writing a Research Paper
The Web Centre for Social Research Methods
American Statistical Association: Knowledge
NCSU; Knowledge
Cornell: Unobtrusive Measures
Tutorial 2
CFMC: Validity


Bartle, Is Culture Inside Us or Outside Us?
Bartle, Culture, Symbols and Dimensions
Bartle, So You Want to Preserve Your Culture?
Bartle, Superorganic; Another View of Culture
Bartle, Key Words, Culture
Bartle, Cultural Dimensions
Bartle, Key Words Dimensions
Six Dimensions
Bartle, Culture Different Meanings
Bartle, Culture and Social Animation
Bartle, Key Words, Aesthetics
Horace Miner, Body Ritual Among The Nacirema
UPENN: Cultural Hegemony
Trinity University, Texas; A Tour Through Sociological Cyber Space
Blog, Superorganic
Blog, Dimensions
Blog, Technology


Bartle, Sapir and Whorf
Bartle, Socialization, Chickens and Eggs
Bartle, Key Words, Enculturation
Henslin, Homosexuality
UMSL: Socialization
Canadian Government, Ghana to Canada
Blog, Socialization
Blog, Resocialisation-- there is not url here--Nellie Deutsch 21:26, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Social Structure and Social Organisation

Goffman: The Presentation of Self
Bartle, Key Words, Institutional Dimension
Bartle, Key Words, Interactional Dimension
Bartle, Key Words, Community
Miner: Nacirema
The Home Port Collective: Scott S Blake; Cultural Power and Discursive Effects
Adam Barnhart; Goffman
University of Chicago: Goffman
University of Chicago: Berger

Society, Social Stratification

Bartle, Factors of Povety, the Big Five
Bartle, Inequality
Bartle, Marx and Weber on class
Bartle, Mosaic or Melting Pot

Global Stratification;

Global Policy Reform: Albert
Fordham; Wallerstein
University of Chicago: Wallerstein
IRNA: Chomsky
Blog, External Aid

Gender Inequality

Bartle, Gender Strategies
Bartle, Female Genital Mutilation
Bartle, Key Words, Gender
Bartle, Gender and Language
Bartle, Key Words, Feminism
University of Chicago, Dorothy Smith; The Everyday World As Problematic
Arizona State University, Marie Campbell, Dorothy Smith
Patricia Hill Collins; DSS; <a href=" Black Feminist Thought]
Blog, Gender
Blog, Feminism

Race Inequality

Bartle, Age, Race and Sex
Bartle, Home vs Work Conflict
Bartle, Mosaic or Melting Pot
Bartle, Racial Categories and Biology
Bartle, Mosaic or Melting Pot
Martin Jacques, The Global Hierarchy of Race

Age Inequality

Bartle, Age, Race and Sex
Bartle, Home vs Work Conflict
Bartle, Mosaic or Melting Pot?
Bartle, Racial Categories and Biology
Martin Jacques, The Global Hierarchy of Race

Bureaucracy and formal Organizations

Bartle, Organization
Bartle, Sixteen Elements of Organizational Strength
Dead Sociologists Society, Weber on Bureaucracy
Dead Sociologists Society: Marx, Alienation


Bartle, So What About Corporations?
Bartle, Economic Dimension
Bartle, Factors of Poverty; The Big Five;
Bartle, Key Words, Economy


Bartle, Political Dimension
Bartle, Key Words, Political
Bartle, The Power of Suns

Family and Kinship

Bartle, Seven Biases in Family Literature
Bartle, Love and Marriage
Bartle, Family Politics
Bartle: Families in First Nations, Visible Minorities and Immigrants
Bartle,Home vs Work Conflict
Bartle, Mosaic or Melting Pot Trinity, Texas: Marriage and Family Processes
Texas; Singlehood and Alternative Family Forms
Blog: " Nuclear Family
Blog>, The word "family"
Blog, Divorce

Akan Kinship, Marriage. Matriliny

Bartle, Akan Case Study
Bartle: Cross Cousin Marriage
Bartle, Covert Gynocracy


Bartle: Social Promotion; Failing Grades, Passing Students
Electronic Journal of Sociology Commodifiction of Education
Peter Roberts. Beckett


Bartle, Notes on Religion
Bartle; Values Aesthetics Dimension
Bartle, Worldview Dimension
-- no url here --Nellie Deutsch 21:32, 28 February 2009 (UTC) Bartle, Key Words, Belief
Key Words, Worldview
Dead Sociologists Society: Durkheim
Dead Sociologists Society: Weber
Moriyuki Abukuma, Japan; Weber's Sociology of Religion
Hartford Institute for Religious Research
Itgo: Durkheim:Religion
Donnenworth, Religion and Homosexuality
Isizoh; African Traditional Religion
Land Reform: Liberation Theology
Socinian: Liberation Theology
Earthlink: Liberation Theology
University of Chicago: Geertz Comparative Religion, Bartle's "Three Souls" Bartle, [1]
The Spirit in Us and illustrated essays in the series.
Bartle, Three Souls



Deviance and Social Control

Bartle, Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice: Circles
Justice Reform
Turtle Island
Blog, Deviance. Crime, Justice and Restorative Justice
Bartle, Criminal Sentence Purposes
Bartle, Law as a Tool of Oppression
Bartle, Restorative Justice

Population and Urbanization

Society, Population and Urbanization; [3]
Statistics Canada


Social Movements

Social Movements

Social Change

Bartle, Key Words, Acculturation
Bartle, Key Words, Community Empowerment
ICAAP: Social Change Site
University of Chicago: Revolution
Canadian Government, Ghana to Canada

Course Review

Bartle, Glossary
Bartle, Before you write that exam; Writing Errors
You are urged to do your own research on these topics.
Use Google
and Yahoo

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