Introduction to sustainable practice assessment

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Understand a number of issues locally and globally, how they impact the environment, society, and economy, and the science and systems behind it.


Create a video movie documenting the daily changes everyday people can make to act more sustainably.

Task 1

Using the group outline (supporting resource 1), research your allocated topic of sustainable change in order to create a video, include the following points:

  • What is the effect of not living this way on our environment, society, and economy? E.g. What are the negative impacts of current behaviour.
  • What are the benefits of operating in a sustainable manner? E.g. What are the positives to being sustainable in the specific activity.
  • What are the benefits to each of us personally in living sustainably.

Task 2

Produce a written reflection on the research and video, showing an understanding of the science and systems of sustainability, using current models. Word limit 1000-2000. One resource in order to complete this is the Systems Thinking section on wiki for models and ideas to relate your experiences to.

Supporting Resource:

Session 8 on

Task 3

Self and Peer feedback assessment