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Team roles and responsibilities

More often than not a project manager relies on many other people (both team members and suppliers) to execute a project. However, these participants do not always have the holistic view of the project that the project manager has.

One of the first tasks in implementing a project is to ensure that expectations around roles and responsibilities are clearly understood.

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Understanding the implementation phase

Read the introductory section (up to and excluding Change Control) in the prescribed textbook (Web | PDF), Chapter 17 (page 150 in the PDF version).


Make a comment about:

  • Why everybody just doesn't read the plan and get on with it. OR
  • What might be an effective way to ensure team members understand their roles and tasks.

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Managing a project

Discussion Forum

Post your answer to the following questions in the forum. Don't forget to read what others have posted as well.

  1. Discuss how the activities and guidelines identified in the video will help ensure you implement your plan efficiently.