Introduction to principles of macroeconomics/required reading

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Macroeconomics Overview Readings
World GDP

  • Read this Charles Feng's "AP Macroeconomics Study Guide", which provides a brief outline for the study of macroeconomics and will help prepare you for economics exams. This study guide covers most of the topics presented in this course.
  • Read this second set of lecture notes from Veronica Guerrieri, which will provide an introduction to the scope and major topics covered by a course in macroeconomics. This reading represents an outline of the course and adds context. You will gain a solid foundation on which the upcoming units build. For instance, the course will refer numerous times to the four components of the expenditure approach - consumption, investment, government, and net exports - and will elaborate on their causes and consequences, what variables alter them, and what effects they have on aggregate demand, aggregate supply, GDP, and so forth.