Introduction to Organic Chemistry

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This lesson is an introduction to Organic Chemistry

Key terms

The key terms and concepts covered in this lesson are:

  • Alkane, Alkene, Aldehyde, Alkyne, Alcohols, Functional group, Haloalkane, Organic Chemistry, Alkyl group, Carboxylic acid, Ester, Homologous series, Ester, Ketone, Structural formula

Unit title

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Lesson title

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Curriculum strand, objectives and level

  • Properties and changes of matter: Investigate and measure the chemical and physical properties of a range of groups of substances, for example, acids and bases, oxidants and reductants, and selected organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Level 7

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  • To discover what we mean by organic chemistry
  • How we name organic compounds and
  • The major groups of organic compounds

Learning context

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Learning intentions

To explain what we mean by organic chemistry and introduce students to the main functional groups.

Key Competencies

The key competencies for this lesson are:

  • Using language, symbols and texts


The educational values covered in this lesson include:

  • Innovation, inquiry and curiosity

Success criteria

The lesson is successful when:

  • You can explain what we mean by an organic compound
  • You can identify the main functional groups
  • You can name simple organic compounds
  • You can draw structural compounds for basic organic compounds

Lesson sequence


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The following resources support this lesson:

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Assessment and/or homework

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