Introduction to ICT and its Applications in Education

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The Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Government of India is currently developing a National Policy on ICT in Education. Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI) and Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) will provide strategic support in this process. This process consists of drafting policy objectives, guidelines, practices and knowledge tools to support the implementation of the policy across all states and union territories of India.

This critical task would be approached by ensuring an active stakeholder participation at all levels of formulation and implementation. A national consultative and collaborative process, to understand the needs, challenges, and issues of the states and union territories, is indispensable for formulating an inclusive and holistic policy. This will ensure that the policy represents the views and aspirations of various stakeholders, acts as a guiding document for the States to adapt it according to their local requirements, and meets the Education Goals of the country.

The Department of Education, MHRD invites you to submit your recommendations/ suggestions/ position papers, to assist the Ministry to formulate a National Policy on ICT in Education.

Through this call for recommendations/ suggestions/ position papers, we solicit inputs from leaders and visionaries in international agencies, industry, academia, NGOs and government to identify the needs, gaps, challenges, and issues of ICTs in Education sector in India and to contribute to the goal of defining a road map for building a National Policy on ICT in Education.

Submission of position papers

  • Position papers/ inputs are solicited on the following aspects of developing the policy framework for ICT in school education.
  • Articulate a progressive vision, objectives, guidelines and promising directions for building the ICT in Education Policy Framework
  • Identify challenges that must be addressed in the forthcoming Policy Document
  • Propose innovative approaches and solutions for building a forward-looking road map/master *plan for ICT in Education

Format and Deadlines Submissions can be made either by mail or in type written formats .Please limit your contributions to no more than 2000 words Provide brief bio and contact details of the contributing members of the suggestions / position paper. You may choose to respond to one, two or all of the topics of the framework of the policy outlined above. Print submissions may be sent to:, or CSDMS[1], G-4 Sector 39, NOIDA 201301. Tel: +91-120-2502180-85