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Another creative tool developed by RetSam to allow you to SEE the intonation of English speaking.


Intonation Image Builder

User's works

Source Text:

   * "/" = a new line;
   * " " = a new block;
   * "^" = rising tone 	
   * "_" = a sound losing     

Intonation Image:

   * 1 box = 1 syllable
   * Bigger box = stressed
   * Orange box = rising tone


1. Learning a bew word: intonation

in to na3 tion2


2. Showing the rising tone: Are you happy?

are you ha3 ppy?^


3. Showing the stressed syllable: What are you doing?

wha3 are you do3 ing


4. Showing the intonation of a longer sentence:

A teen3 nage2 girl ha_ been tal3^ king^ on2^ the^ phone^ for abou hal3 fan nour2^ , an then3 she2 hun ngup.


Create some more examples with IIB?
Please try to use IIB to create some sentences with intonation.
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