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Our introduction with collector

“Good evening sir. We are the students of B.Sc B.Ed 1st year of RIE Bhopal. We surveyed two villages- Ganeshpur & Baisnagar which comes under the district Vidisha.” We found many problems to be paid attention. Some of them are given below:

QUE: There are no medical facilities in the village. What you are doing in this case?

Ans. First of all I want to inform you that both of the villages you are talking about they are not rural, they are urban areas. And also we can’t provide medical facilities at your doorsteps. There are some hospitals built for two-three villages commonly.

QUE: THE schools are not given the proper attention. The school of Ganeshpura was not opened since one month. What do you say about this?

Ans. I was not aware regarding the matter. Well I will make sure of that the school will work properly.

QUE: Many girls of the village do not go to the school as it is at a large distance and also no transport facility is provided to them. Can’t they get any facilities from govt.?

Ans. They will be provided bicycles soon after.

Collector: “Well, I am very much thankful to you all that you took so much interest in other people & that is what we want from our youths.”