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Attendance & Class Participation

  • Unsatisfactory - 0 - Unexcused Absence; Not present to participate and contribute to class session and activities
  • Developing - 65 - Present but 5-10 or more minutes late; and/or Rarely or minimally participates in class session; and/or Less than attentive doing other non-related class activities (e.g., mobile devices, Internet, side conversations, other work)
  • Growing - 75 - Attends class AND participates satisfactorily. Contributes somewhat to class session and activities; respectful to others and attentive for the most part
  • Exemplary - 85+ - Attends class AND is actively involved; takes initiative; shows leadership and substantively contributes to class session and activities; respectful to others and is visibly attentive


Students must attach the Job Advertisement / or Job Description (PDF Version Only - NOT THE URL / HYPERLINK), since without it peers and instructors cannot judge audience expectations. The resume should be ordered in a way that best responds to the potential employer's needs and is aligned to the Job Description.

Bullet points should list the greatest accomplishment first, and then others in descending order. A "Result" is required for each job / position held (i.e., from your three (3) CAR Stories (Challenge, Action, Results). They should succinctly offer significant quantitative and qualitative details that clearly distinguishes the candidate, and highlight his / her experience and accomplishments -

The resume should be one full page in length. If experience warrants a second page is optional. No hanging sentences (i.e., less than 5 sentences on page 2).

Absolutely no errors of syntax, grammar, consistency, or tense. Errors in consistency (in spacing, parallel form, layout, capitalization, etc.) are especially prevalent. General sloppiness or failure to adhere to generally accepted principles (such as using active verbs) are also considered.

Assignment lateness, non-submission and/or not adequately following directions are factored into the assignment grade.

Video Interviews

CONTENT: Did the candidate provide adequate information and short examples to illustrate competency in Tell Me About Yourself (Video 1) and give CAR stories (Video 2) and provide clarity and relevant experience? Did the Candidate identify the specific job s/he was interviewing for?

AUDIENCE: How well did the candidate address the interviewer / employer?

CONFIDENCE: Did the speaker demonstrate knowledge, confidence, poise, courtesy, and interest? Was s/he reading a script; memorizing lines or ad-libbing?

EYE CONTACT: How well did the candidate look into the camera, acknowledge and address those actually present?

VOICE TONE & PACE: How were the candidate’s volume, enunciation, voice tone and pace of speaking? Was s/he wooden / robotic or comfortable? Was the interviewer able to understand him / her?

APPEARANCE & BODY LANGUAGE: How were the candidate’s appearance, posture and body language? Was the candidate professional and properly-dressed? Was the candidate nervous / fidgety or calm / relaxed? Was the candidate enthusiastic about the job opportunity?

ORGANIZATION: Was the candidate’s interview easy to follow?

PREPARATION: Did the candidate show careful planning, good time management, and smooth transitions? Was the candidate on-time, under-time, or over-time?

FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS: Did the candidate properly name the relevant documents in the appropriate format(s); and make sure they were submitted properly to the designated places?

TECHNICAL SET-UP: Was the candidate seated or standing; computer and camera set up properly, good audio and video and free from noise, interruptions and distractions? Was the camera at eye level?

Final Paper

Did the Candidate follow the required structure and format of the Final Paper (detailed in Assignment Instructions; complete the following sections thoroughly, completely and on-time; display excellence in written communications and clarity; and respect the word count, line spacing and directions?

  1. My Interest in this Position - Why? (150 words - 1-2 paragraphs)
  2. My Prospective Employer - Research (500 words - 1 page)
  3. My Interview Strategy (500 words - 1 page) - including SMART Goals
  4. My Learning (including SMART Goals) - (500 words - 1 page)
  5. Appendices - in one (1) document (PDF)

Additional Detail About Grades

Grades: A, B / B+, C / C+, D, F

  • A - 93-100 - Excellent
  • B / B+ - 83-86 / 87-89 - Very Good
  • C / C+ - 73-76 / 77-79 - Good
  • D / D+ - 63-66 / 67-69 - Fair / Passing Grade
  • F - less than 60 < 60 - Fail