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Who This is For

The Oral Presentation is another option to the Final Paper - and offers a unique opportunity to practice one's presentation skills in a safe community setting. It is for students who are:

  • entrepreneurial - and want to brush up on their public speaking / presentation / pitching skills
  • more comfortable presenting vs. writing essays / papers

It is also for students who want to be:

  • effective - when they are called upon to speak publicly and/or make presentations on the job

And, for anyone who just wants practice and direct feedback.

Preparation for the Oral Presentation / Simulation

Preparation To Communicate / Speak in Public

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Tip: Watch these Videos

  1. Three (3) Ways to Express Your Thoughts So that Everyone Will Understand You (4:56)
  2. Good Communication is more than the words you use, by Alan Alda (7:25)
  • Yes, the Speaker looks O-L-D and sounds S-L-O-W!! BUT THERE IS GREAT WISDOM HERE - AND IT WORKS!
  • Observe the Speaker's voice tone, posture and delivery ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Alda Alan Alda of Emmy-award winning M.A.S.H. TV Show). There are pitches and pops and cracks in his voice - he is NOT perfect, but he is ENGAGING. You can do the same. Be enthusiastic, engaged and express who you are - don't worry about trying to be someone else or Tony Robbins!


  • You are required to abide by them.

This Assignment is a Simulation (partial) of a Job Interview.

  • Be sure to Do a Dry Run and Test your slides and presentation BEFORE the LIVE VERSION.
  • You might Rehearse with a script - but be aware this is supposed to be NATURAL DELIVERY not WOODEN or ROBOTIC or MONOTONE
  • If you are using slides, make sure that you have a Laptop available, charged up and with all of the necessary cables and connectors (i.e., VGA, HDMI and Ethernet / Wireless).
  • (Comment.gif: The Evaluation Criteria is:)
  1. CONTENT - 1-10, where 10 is highest
  2. DELIVERY - 1-10, where 10 is highest
  3. PROOF OF HAVING FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS / DIRECTIONS - YES / NO (Comment.gif: Failure to 100% follow directions will result in a failing grade - even if the Content & Delivery is Excellent.)

Official Sign Up Required on Google Doc to Do Oral Presentation

For those who have chosen the Oral Presentation, PLEASE TELL ME IN ADVANCE. (WE will likely have a Google Document for signing up to do the Oral Presentation - this enables me to see who is doing it, and what their desired job / employer is.

Prepare Content for the Oral Presentation of the Final Paper

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Tip: The Oral Presentation of the Final Paper is an ORAL VERSION of the Final Paper. This Presentation is NOT A THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE - it must include SUBSTANTIVE CONTENT as in the written version of the Final Paper. If you are planning to do Slides, then visuals / images / graphics are important, because all text slides are boring.

  • The Oral Presentation will be about 10-12 minutes duration

Slide Preparation

  • The Presentation includes 8-10 slides (Google Slides and/or use of presentational aids (i.e., talking using notes, chalkboard or whiteboard, creating or showing a video, demonstration
  • Use the Arial Font - Headlines 40 points; Body Text 30 points
  1. Slide 1 - Title Slide & Agenda
  2. Slide 2 - Identifies the Employer & Role / Job Description
  3. Slide 3 - Tell Employer About Yourself
    1. Your background, skills and experience; interest in the job / role; why you are interested in us - the employer
  4. Slides 4, 5, 6 - How Have you Researched Us - The Employer
    1. What did You Learn about Our Business; Market(s), Customer(s); Challenge(s); Opportunities
    2. Who are our Competitors?
    3. What Do You Know about our Hiring Process?
    4. Who are the Key Managers / Decision-Makers?
    5. What is the Employers' Organizational Culture
    6. Explain / Show Us How You Conducted this Research - Be specific and use names / roles, etc.
      1. LinkedIn, Web search, Form 1099s, other databases
      2. Information Interviews (who); Networking
  5. Slide 7 - Specific CAR Stories Are You Using to Position Yourself for Success with Our Company - and what behavioral interview questions are you answering
  6. Slide 8 - Your Desired Salary + Overall Compensation - and How You Are Justifying It
  7. Slide 9 - Explain Your Job Search Goals (SMART) and learning throughout this process
  8. Slide 10 - Thank You / Close - Invitation to Employer to Ask Questions

After You Have Developed the Content - Follow these Important Steps

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Tip: Following the steps below, will show the Instructor your ability to follow instructions / directions. They will also help you to make sure there are backup copies of your presentation. They will also make it easier for the Instructor to manage the submitted documents, given 40 students who are submitting multiple documents.

Save the Presentation, Job Advertisement, Resume & Video link - and Place in Shared Google Doc (ScarletMail / Docs)

Save the Presentation in two (2) formats - even if you use Google Slides.

  1. As PowerPoint - Download the presentation - On the top-menu, go to File --> Download As ---> Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt / .pptx) AND
  2. As a PDF (*.pdf) - Download the Presentation - On the top-menu, go to File --> Download As ---> PDF (.pdf)

(Comment.gif: Procedure Change - Place the PPT & PDF Documents in a Shared Google Folder) - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Gi-eyv63VBfVD219o1oE8Ma61r1M0jkv?usp=sharing (instead of emailing them to the Instructor).

  1. Email the Documents to Yourself AND
  2. Save a Copy of your Final Presentation on a USB Stick / Flash Drive (you will need to bring this to class)

Save or Print-to-Save following items to a single (1) PDF file. Name it - Your Full Name - Oral Presentation Docs. STANDALONE ITEMS WILL NOT BE GRADED.

  1. Job Advertisement (with job title, description and name and information about employer)
  2. Resume - Aligned to the Job Description / Employer
  3. The Link to Your Video Interview on YouTube (make sure that you have set the appropriate permissions for me to view the video)


(Comment.gif: Oral Presenters are NOT required to post their Oral Presentation to Sakai - instead, you must Email the Instructor Directly with the Attachments.)

Icon present.gif
Tip: The purpose for these strict instructions is to ensure the Instructor receives the documents in the required manner. Similarly, when you apply to an Employer, and you are asked to submit your documents in a specific manner, there is NO LATITUDE FOR SUBMITTING DOCUMENTS OTHER THAN THE WAY SPECIFIED. In the real world, your application would be rejected, if you submitted your documents in a different way than would be asked for.

Presentation Feedback & Evaluation

Students doing this option will receive feedback from the Instructor. (They may also receive online evaluation feedback by student peers - if time is available)

  1. Audience: How well did the Candidate address the interviewer (employer)?
  2. Eye Contact: How well did the Candidate address those actually present?
  3. Body Language: How was the Candidate's appearance, posture and body language?
  4. Vocal Delivery: How was the Candidate's volume, enunciation and pace?
  5. Evidence: Did the Candidate support claims, give examples, reference facts and CAR stories?
  6. Preparation: Was the Candidate prepared? Did you note careful planning, good time management and smooth transitions?
  7. Organization: Was the Candidate organized? Were his/her answers logical and easy to follow?
  8. Visuals / Images / Graphics: Were there sufficient, attractive and useful visual graphic aids?
  9. Attitude: Did the Candidate demonstrate confidence, respect and interest? (Comment.gif: Attitude may also include: PRESENCE & PERSONALITY)
  10. Knowledge: Did the Candidate demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the subject matter?
  11. Comments / Suggestions for Improvement: Please share your ideas as to how the Presenter could improve
  12. Followed Assignment Instructions: 100% Followed Instructions: Yes / No

Final Blog Post - Course Learnings & Takeaways

  • For the Final Blog Post, please include a reflection on What Worked Well (WWW) in your Presentation, and what could have worked better (WWW)