Attendance and class participation

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Attendance, Class Participation and Daily Work

  • Students are expected to attend class on-time, participate and contribute with substantive ideas and comments (vs. rah-rah) individually (as called upon by the instructor); in pairs and in groups.
  • Work is required in-class and online, and is monitored and evaluated by the instructor.
  • (Comment.gif: If you know you are going to be absent with a legitimate reason (i.e., religious holiday, medical note), please go to:

Absent; Missed Class

If you are absent, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING ALL OF THE CLASS LECTURE INFORMATION AND NOTES including possible adjustments to the course calendar READ SAKAI AND/OR CANVAS TO GET THE LATESTS ANNOUNCEMENTS. Get these from a classmate and/or the Canvas (LMS) site BEFORE asking to see me for extra help; I cannot be solely responsible for helping every absentee student catch up. Be smart and get this info BEFORE the next class in case the next class is affected (e.g. I give an extra assignment, I move the location, I change the reading or a due date, etc.). Besides, you can only stay up to date if you make up missed work immediately. Quizzes and class exercises cannot be made up if you're not here.