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Help with WikiEducator

When you create an Account on WikiEducator, you will receive a Confirmation / Verification Email from "Moeller" (this may make it to your Inbox, Trash or Spam Box. When you receive it, open it, and click on the appropriate link. This will activate the software, for you to receive WikiAdmin notifications when pages are changed and/or updated. It's a great part of the wiki experience!

Also, I recognize that the wiki syntax may be a bit new for some of you -- no worries...there are no mistakes in WikiEducator...we're here to help you! (If you wish, you can join our low volume WikiEd mailing list -

In late 2009, WikiEducator will also have a Rich Text Editing option, which will make editing and page creation that much easier.

(Comment.gif: If you are having difficulty finding or doing something - please STOP and Ask for Help. We're here to support you... and save you lots of time and frustration! Randy Fisher 01:23, 28 October 2009 (UTC))