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Website Questions


  1. What are the desired outcomes from your website?
  2. How can they be measured?
  3. At the end of a day what qualifies as a success?


  1. Is this a redesign or a brand new site?
  2. Are there existing sites that this site needs to integrate into?
  3. What is the history of this site?
  4. What is the anticipated future?
  5. Do you have analytics for your site?
  6. Are there any concerns with the performance of the existing site?
  7. What are the pain points with the existing site?
  8. What were the pain points with the development of the existing site?

3. Budget and Schedule

  1. Do you have any hard deadlines or timelines that must be met?
  2. Do you have an ongoing budget or is it a onetime allocation?
  3. Did you budget:
  • to build the new site?
  • to maintain the site?
  • to add to it and fix it when things break?
  • to buy software?
  • to pay for ongoing licensing?
  • to hire F/PT staff?
  • to pay for training and courses?
  • etc.

Human Resources

  1. Do you have the people available?
  2. Are they already overworked?
  3. Do they have the experience and skills:
  • to manage this project?
  • to maintain the site in the future?
  • Can additional training resolve this?
  • Will they need additional support?

External Influences

  1. What guidelines do you need to adhere to?
  • Official Languages,
  • Accessibility,
  • Privacy Act,
  • Disabilities
  • etc.


  • Who are your target audiences?
    • Are they internet savvy?
    • Are they using your site currently?
    • What technologies are they comfortable with?
  • Who are your current users that actually use your site?

Features and functionality


  1. Who is in charge of it?
  2. Has it been audited, will it need to be cleaned up and reworked?
  3. Do you have the skills in house to do this?

What functionality do you need from your site?

  1. eCommerce (Shopping cart, online purchases, online auctions, etc.)?
  2. Online collaboration (Wikis, Discussion Forums, Comments, Writeboards, etc.)?
  3. Public Engagement (News, event calendars, feeds, feedback, comments, discussions, sharing content, etc.)?
  4. Marketing and Promotion?
  5. Information management and advanced search capabilities?
  6. Games and Entertainment?
  7. Demonstration tools (demos, videos, tours, etc)?
  8. Information Gathering (forms, polls, surveys, etc.)?
  9. For each of the above, why do you need it and how will it support your goals?
Social Media
  1. Why are you using social media?
  2. Who is in charge of it?
  3. Do you have the resources available to spark conversations and keep them going?
  4. Who will be moderating the ongoing discussions once they are started?
  5. How will it support your goals?


  1. Where is the creative coming from?
  2. Does it exist or is it required?

Technologies =

a. In house developer skill sets. b. Existing Licensed software (CMS, Search, etc.) c. Hosting: i. Where are you going to host the site? ii. Does it have to be hosted there? iii. Are there technical requirements, limitations? d. What browsers do you need to support? e. Are there proprietary systems that need to be integrated (SalesForce, Google Search Appliance, MS Exchange, MOSS, etc)?