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Online Collaboration



  • Designing the approach in alignment with your strategic objectives and operational and financial metrics
  • Stakeholder involvement, buy-in and feedback throughout project implementation
  • Strengthening networking and collaboration via stakeholder communities of mutual interest
  • Less anxiety and resistance through planned culture change, participatory innovation and action learning
  • Distributing the workload in a more equitable manner
  • Faster return-on-investment and sustainability

Phase II: Client-Customised

  • strengthen stakeholder motivation, engagement, buy-in and ownership;
  • increase the breadth and depth of stakeholder participation and involvement;
  • facilitate dialogue, information-sharing and relationship building between workshop sessions;
  • ease transition from one system / business model / service set to another, via a networked community of support;
  • enhance employee / stakeholder learning, innovation and performance;
  • increase skill development and build internal capacity;
  • increase client satisfaction
  • increased recognition and leadership reputation (i.e., organization, service areas, stakeholders), within public and private sectors.
  • achieve % increase in productivity
  • achieve self-reported increase % in info-sharing
  • Community members and their constituents have new skills in relevant areas (i.e., knowledge management, networking, collaboration);
  • Expanded Community of Practice


The Consultant shall evaluate the outcome of the contract using the following indicators:

  • Degree to which community members determine the future of the group and associated online collaboration components;
  • number of unsolicited new individual and community members;
  • number of substantive postings and contributions to the site made by community members;
  • extent of collaborative materials development and sharing;
  • use of online collaboration space by all stakeholders.

Phase III

  • Train the trainer, ongoing mentoring and coaching support.

Contact Info

Contact WikiRandy Fisher for more information.