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Learning Communities - Information Center

The following are various elements of marketing and business development collateral than can help us engage customers, etc.

  1. A News Item to launch this new capability
  2. A Title Description as a new bullet for the Corporate Solutions Page
  3. A Description (full page) of the service offering / concept
  4. A Description (half page) of the service offering written in the following flow: Client Challenge, the 3-Os model and how we leverage this tool within in organization, and for what application (i.e., is it a diagnostic and as well how we would use the information gathered to drive change initiatives within the organization).
  5. A White Paper for the Resources page - see How to Write a White Paper
  6. Another News Item to introduce the White paper
  7. A Case Study
  8. Another News Items to introduce the Case Study
  9. Addition to your BIO to include the 3-Os Model which will hyperlink to the other sections of the website related to this offering.
  10. Partnerships we are developing with other firms in this space? Do we want to promote each other on our respective websites?
  11. A Qualification Questionnaire for consultants so they know how to identify an opportunity by asking the right questions and then call you when they find one so you can help them close it and deliver it.
  12. A Proposal Template (Shell) that would address some of the basic elements including: requirements, our approach, resource/team qualifications including certifications and project references and costing.
  13. A Language Map for responding to Terms of Reference
  14. A Competency Matrix