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Senior Consultant

The Senior Consultant will design, deliver and manage client-centered programs that result in engaged stakeholders, alignment, performance and organizational effectiveness.


The Senior Consultant will facilitate strategic and organizational change to increase performance and alignment and build organizational capacity, for clients in the public and private sectors. He will design, develop and manage the implementation and evaluation of programs, processes and performance interventions for Client organizations, networks, communities and projects. He will also seek opportunities to identify, qualify and bridge mutual interests among consultants, for additional revenue-generating opportunities, leverage and Client ROI.

The Senior Consultant will collaborate closely HireCo's stakeholders including executive management, consultants, employees, strategic partners, program/project team members to ensure alignment and integration of strategies, programs, projects and activities for successful project implementation, leverage and results.


The Senior Consultant:

  • Ensures the development and implementation of organization-wide strategies, prioritizing organizational efforts and resources toward development and education activities that are critical to the Organization's mission, vision, culture, values, and strategic priorities;
  • Identifies, qualifies and assesses new and existing HireCo-Client relationships and opportunities;
  • Consults with Client-stakeholders regarding readiness and/or resistance to change/transition; (technology) change management and organizational effectiveness initiatives using a range of online and face-to-face performance interventions;
  • Consults with Client stakeholders on the design and structure of their organizations and facilitates and delivers appropriate development interventions including mentoring and coaching and train-the-trainer approaches to increase organizational capacity, buy-in and alignment, and greater ROI;
  • Identifies, qualifies and facilitates strategic partnerships and alliances;
  • Develops, writes and manages/facilitates terms of reference and/or proposal development process;
  • Incorporates participatory engagement, communities of practice, and a learning system ecology approach to support meaningful project involvement and mutual learning among all stakeholders and communities;
  • Conducts research, needs assessments and performance analysis to support and design performance interventions to achieve Client's short-, medium- and long-term goals and objectives;
  • Identifies Client's leadership needs, and effective training/learning and/or performance interventions to maximize leadership effectiveness, learning and productivity;
  • Facilitates and supports advocacy, research, debrief and feedback, communication and reporting to stakeholders; strengthens networking and collaboration opportunities; and disseminates results for increased HireCo and Client stakeholder profile, recognition and opportunities;
  • Researches, assesses and monitors the effectiveness of all learning, development and training initiatives and performance interventions against defined metrics;
  • Guides HireCo's leadership in responding to emerging issues and opportunities; Client problem-solving and dispute resolution;
  • Consults with HireCo's staff regarding their professional interests; facilitates dialogue, communication and feedback to identify and qualify business and partnering opportunities;
  • Acts as an effective liaison between Client and HireCo, as well as an Ambassador for HireCo's business solutions and capabilities.


  • Master's Degree in Organizational Development or related area preferred.
  • Minimum 5-7 years experience in e-learning, training and development required.
  • Minimum 5-7 years management experience, and experience in leadership training and Human Resources required.
  • Key knowledge of the principles and methods of managing organizational change, and organizational development.
  • Strong ability to lead and apply organizational and change theories.
  • Excellent online facilitation, public speaking, interpersonal, and communication skills required.
  • Must be very "hands on" and demonstrate leadership by example.