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Facilitation Pro Training

Parking Lot

  • Customisation - look and feel
  • Naming Conventions
  • Conference Screen - Intersol vs. User ID
  • have a place on the server where we can put documents

Tips & Tricks

  • enter Topic info as a Question?
  • always use the links on the application to move back and forth, not the refresh button on your browser
  • number the topics with 10, 20, 30, to allow for reordering, etc.
  • change the Topic Mode to be the Group Chat Mode
  • Click on the Enter Box, and then that makes NO Link - i.e., creating inactive links
  • sneak way in: on the Facilitator's screen is to click on the flipchart... you can get in... (and change the topic mode as Group Chat (you can then see the group chatty icon - for orientation of the Facilitator)
  • Pencil - Editing
  • Flipchart - Working on the Flipchart
  • Creating the Question / Opportunity for Reprhasing
    • Before we let our participants loose on the Question - ask it, answer it before the participants do (leave at least one (1) good answer in the question:
  • You may rephrase the question - Caveat: don't lead the participants down one path, because you're guiding...
    • test the question
    • modelling the answer - type of info you need, and the detail you require
  • An Agenda Topic = Flipchart
    • the flipchart will update when you add an idea; add a comment or "save and refresh"


(default is the way the participants see it)

  • Facilitator Settings - allow you to move into 'Facilitator Mode'
  • Brainstorm QuickCat, then Press 'Save and Enter' to change the Mode.
  • Facilitate Pro - Default Settings - Page 59


  • decide in ADVANCE how you want to Vote
  • Select the Method of Voting
    • Custom - Express 100 Point Sliding Scale
  • as an organization - Intersol - could create some profiles, and make them available to everyone in Facilitate Express
  • then click on distribute ballots button

(screenshot by screenshot in books pp. 41 and 42 - ONCE YOU HAVE DISTRIBUTED THE BALLOTS, LOOK FOR 'SUCCESS'

    • when ready, click "Save and Enter"
    • do you want to keep the marked up ballots - most time, you will want you to consciously delete.
    • AN EXCEPTION: PRE-TEST QUESTIONS - you may want to save pre-test questions.... and responses (votes)
  • (Comment.gif: As a Facilitator, Do Not Press Save & Submit -- instead CHANGE THE MODE (usually, the results graph mode)
    • Click Tabulate Data - in most cases

for Randy

  • add descriptions of Purpose, Objectives, etc. as links

Demo Day