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January 2010 PD Days

Day 2: Afternoon: HealthCheck Case Study


  • Give folks a sense of the possibilities, and how it changes the experience; how the tool could support what they do


  • Tuesday, January 5, 2010 - "Day 2: Afternoon"


  • Position this as an activity to compare the use of paper vs. technology, using the "Health Check" as a case study for how using FacPro changes the Facilitator & Client experience from the traditional / paper process.
  • Activity 1: Simulate the pairs conversation from the morning part of the Health Check: have pairs enter their responses into FacilitatePro - 30 min.
Note: we will not reproduce the entire conversation, as this occurred the previous day, but the exercise may generate new ideas, which we could encourage people to add.
  • Activity 2: In plenary, assign responses to categories - 20 min.
  • Activity 3: Stop and compare - In small groups, participants discuss the differences between the two experiences - 30 min.
  1. Facilitator experience;
  2. Client/participant Experience
  3. Project Sponsor Communication - (i.e., set-up, explore resource and logistical implications (particularly upfront, when preparing for an engagement)
  • Activity 4: Discuss implications / possibilities for our practice - Maybe start with pre-defined "scenarios" which we use on a regular basis, e.g.:
  1. Strategic Planning / SWOT
  2. Draining the Swamp - What's going well? What are the challenges? (Post-Its)
  3. Problem-Solving - Identification of Issues & Generating Solutions
    • encourage the development of clusters - small group conversations
      • opportunity and strategies for presenting it to project sponsor.
      • 100% or 50%, or smaller percentages initially for a project; and also within a process
      • design the application
  • Activity 5: Check-In: How comfortable are you with the tool? On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to use FacPro for an application? Explain. What would you need to increase your sense of comfort with the tool?

Parking Lot

Activity: Lessons Learned

  • Lessons Learned from Client Services (45 min - 1 hour) - 1pm
    • could be a show and tell; people who have worked with the application; people could demo the application
    • Demo: Show them: Agenda Page, and 1 of the Flipcharts, to show how things we're organized, and what folks did
    • Alain: might be leaving the following week; maybe we could start Day 3 with him
      • why he made choice one over another

Possible Outputs

  • Case Study Template
  • Cheat Sheet - FacPro: List of Do's and Don'ts

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Action Items

  • during Monday - someone has to set up FacPro flipcharts (i.e., within the software application)
  • PC's - available, and charged
  • PC's - number - appropriate amount for number of people / groups
  • Internet - hardwire connection (see: Alain's best practices)
  • Sofware issues (if any) sorted out, ahead of time
  • Prep conversations with FacPro PROS - possibility of inserting Lessons Learned mini-talk
  • Prepare Lessons Learned Cheat Sheet
  • End of Day 1 Huddle (after Jan's process) - tweak and finalize Day 2 - afternoon