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Case Studies & Lessons Learned

Board of Directors meeting, NGO

Randy Fisher, Lise Hebabi

  • Challenge / Issue:
  • Engage BofD around a consultation process underway
  • Get their input on project evaluation and go-forward criteria, without undermining prior stakeholder input
  • Limited time before Board Meeting (i.e., 1 week) to prep before meeting.
  • Process':
  • Get buy-in from Client (i.e., project coordinator)
  • share info about the process to date, and structure - to BofD
  • Hold face to face meeting @ BoD meeting
  • Focus efforts of developing evaluation criteria
  • Record feedback on flipcharts
  • Use FacPro post-meeting (asynchronously) to obtain further input - from BofD, and other stakeholders
  • Results: TBA