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Selecting Headphones

I have had a couple of questions about Headsets for our upcoming GoToMeeting sessions.

It is not recommended to use the built-in Mic and Speakers in your Notebook computer for participating in Online Meetings. If anyone on the call does use their internal Mic/Speakers there is a very high probability of feedback and echo which disrupts the entire call unless they are Muted. So if you don’t already have a headset for your Notebook/PC, please obtain a set. Here is some input for your purchasing consideration.

There are lots of options but I will restrict this two a couple. You should go for headphones which cover both ears and offer some sound insulation to block ambient noise. The band should be over your head not at the back of your neck because the latter tend to fall off or interfere with your collar, etc. A Boom Mike is better than cord mounted and you should look for one which is noise cancelling to (again) block out ambient noise. Some connect with two miniature 1/8” stereo jacks but this is fiddly and you have to make sure you plug the Mic(rophone) into the Mic jack and the Phones into the Phone jack. As well, if you have a Tower PC these connections are usually in the back, in the dark, under a desk and already occupied by your speaker connection. So I highly recommend getting a Headset which connects via USB which is usually available on the front panel of a Tower PC and on the side of your Notebook computer. One connection, quick, simple and all-digital which makes the sound quality even better.

One that I can personally recommend because I have one (at home) is:

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset. It is available for $29.95 at Staples.

There are lots of the 2 stereo jack variety but there is little price advantage. Here is one from FutureShop in case you don’t have a USB connection available on your Notebook/PC:

Dynex Headset With Microphone (DX-28) $23.95

Another problem is that many of the Boom Mics have a foam cover over the Mic that prevents “popping” sound when you speak. But this can get ripped off or falls off and gets lost. The Logitech ClearChat does not have an external foam baffle which is another reason I recommend it.

Finally, some headsets fold up so you can throw them into a computer bag and take them with you. These can cost more and if you carry them around, there is a high probability they will get broken. You should keep a pair wherever you need them unless you are travelling. You can also get wireless but they are very expensive and then you have the issue of batteries to worry about – so not recommended.