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Contents [hide] 1 United States Open University 1.1 Description of Activity 1.2 Benefits 1.3 Success Factors 1.4 Organizational Readiness 1.5 Exit and Sustainability Strategies

[edit] Generic University and Generic Corporation in Chindia [edit] Description of Activity In 2007, GU partnered with GCo to provide education and training with GCo workers in Chindia in GCo's specific area.

[edit] Benefits GU wants to increase capacity and enrollments. GCo wants to imrpove its workforce quality, retain workers, and increase the sales of its products in Chindia. Chindia wants to increase the number of its knowledge workers in this specific area. All parties want to learn how to do this type of cooperative activity. Knowledge transfer is a goal.

[edit] Success Factors 80% graduation rate All party's goals met Worker retention increased Successful students promoted Productivity increased significantly Model reproduced iwith other partners

[edit] Organizational Readiness English competency Quality course design system with cultural awareness MOU between university and corporation Specific courses repurposed Adequate funding Certificates recognized by Chindia Local academic partnership

[edit] Exit and Sustainability Strategies Continuous quality improvement model instituted Joint ownership issues resolved MOU includes exit strategies so students may complete programs