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International Accreditation

1. Activity Description - Our group is discussing the idea of promoting "International Accreditation" as an avenue for expanding professional membership, generating revenue for professional organizations, and expanding the influence of standards based knowledge and skills in professional activities.

2. Benefits of this Activity - career advancement, personal growth, standardization, credibility, employee retention, revitalization of the workforce.

3. Success factors of the Activity - improved pass rate for certification, minimum goal of two offerrings per course per year with at least 20 students. Leveling of talent management across the industry irregardless of country. Retention and completion for each course instance. Student/Faculty/Staff satisfaction surveys are required to evaluate program success.

4. Organizational Readiness Factors - Student "Help Desk" and Orientation materials. Content distribution channels for print and online materials.

5. Exit and Sustainability Plans - Annual committee review at national professional organization sessions. Review success factors, necessary updates to content based on changes in law and professional practice. Partner with local stakeholders to establish buy in.