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Michigan State University Turf Grass Program in China

Description of the Activity

MSU ranks among the top 100 universities in the world with nearly 1400 faculty engaged in research, outreach, and development projects in 176 different countries. In addition, MSU has formal linkage agreements currently with over 120 universities in 45 countries. MSU Global facilitates collaborations with other world-class institutions through its advisory services, building upon the university's research and outreach initiatives around the world and its extensive study abroad programs.

China is the first of a series of select countries/regions where the university is enhancing its institution-level business development to become the "World-Grant University" land-grant for the 21st century. MSU Global is helping to create significant long-term partner relationships with similar institutions around its flagship programs such as Education, Environmental Policy and Food Systems.

MSU is now offering its B.S. in Crop and Soil Science:Turf Grass Management in partnership with Beijing Forestry University, Northeast Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural University and Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture. Also in China, MSU established a China Office in Beijing and is hosting a Confucius Institute focused on online Chinese language and culture training for K-12 students and adults.

Turf Grass General Framework:

  • Year 1: General Education Courses at Home University
  • Year 2: General Education Courses at Home University
  • Year 3: Intensive English
  • Year 4: MSU Courses Taught at One Campus in China
    • MSU Faculty on-site
    • MSU Faculty on-line
    • Chinese Faculty Educated at MSU
    • Blended Courses
  • Year 5: Internships
    • MSU Courses Taught at One Campus in China

Benefits of the Activity

1. To expand the reputation and impact of the turfgrass management program at the international level.

2. To enhance current, domestic turfgrass management programs (research, extension/outreach, teaching).

Success Factors for the Activity

  • Financial Model:
    • Establish role of each university
    • Develop reasonable estimates of revenue
    • Determine distribution of revenue
    • Develop reasonable estimates of ALL program expenses
    • Establish a plan to deal with issues of timing
  • Committment
    • Administration of all universities must be committed to the program.
    • Faculty must be committed to the program.
    • Understand and appreciate the benefits to MSU
    • Model must assure little/no negative effects on existing programs/students/stakeholders
    • Incentives
    • Salary/overload pay
    • Program enhancement
    • Must be a faculty champion for the program.
  • Academics
    • Application process
    • Enrollment process
    • Curriculum Development
    • Transfer credits
    • Course equivalencies
    • Transcripts
    • Access to Angel, etc.

Organizational Readiness Factors

  • a. Financial Model (Business Plan)
  • b. Commitment of Faculty and Administration at all Institutions
  • c. Commitment to Solve Academic Issues - Transfer Credit, TOEFL Scores
  • d. Commitment to Solve English Language Issues
  • e. Commitment to Solve Visa issues
  • f. Faculty Champions

Exit and Sustainability Plans