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Incorporation of on-line intercultural experience into curriculum

Description of the activity

Video conference with students from multiple places working through a task such as creating a job description for an international sales position, reviewing food safety regulations appropriate for different cultures, understanding the cultural differences/needs inherent in a social work case.

Benefits of the activity

Students will: -learn the limits of their own thinking, that there are different ways of accomplishing goals -gain self-awareness -learn skills for functioning in a global environment

Success factors for the activity

-need for intercultural human interaction in some way -understanding of self as a cultural being -students' abilities to learn/manage/embrace challenges such as differences, disonance -educators'abilities to introduce culturally appropriate activities, e.g. that provides challenges/disconnects that will encourage student learning

Organisational readiness factors

Exit and sustainability plans

Sustainability: Students are able to communicate lessons learned about the specific task being studied.