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Cross Cultural Content Collaborative

Description of activity:

A co-hort of 14 COL students and a corresponding cohort of 14 American students. Using a problem based project involving international cohorts to improve content understanding to build bridges across cultures and increase language fluency. Content used as a medium to increase languge skills.


Cross-discipline project which would incorporate language, knowledge, and multicultural exchange. Increased emapthy and understanding. Setting the stage for international travel. Intercultural web and digital socialization. Experience in working in cross-cultural teams.

Success factors for the activity

Intellectual growth, translation of course project into real world application. Spin-off projects. Pedagogy applied in other courses. Intellectual and business relationships developed.

Organisational readiness factors

Willingness of institutions involved to support faculty. Connectivity/technology/support issues between organization. Minimum language requirements. Experience with team teaching and developing course material collaboratively.

Exit and sustainability plans

Need tie-in the institutional mission. Have a teach-out plan if project is unsustainable.