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Module 8: Medium- and Long-term Financing

Module Introduction

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Identify and arrange medium- and long-term finance for an overseas buyer (internal/external) to allow the buyer extended terms while providing cash payment to a seller without recourse.

There are fewer options in the marketplace for medium- and long-term financing of international sales. These limited options have created a need for Ex-Im Bank to provide guarantees for such programs because of the importance of increasing exports. In addition to the US Ex-Im Bank programs, medium- and long-term financing may be available from a variety of multilateral organizations, export credit agencies, regional development banks, and credit insurers. Occasionally, but not often, funding may be available in the private sector.

All of the financing options have specific qualification requirements and may be available only for specific types of projects, or in particular geographic regions, or based on political relationships between the countries involved in the transactions.

In this module, you will be introduced to of the forms of medium- and long-term financing, that is, government-supported finance, finance provided by banks and financial institutions, and lease financing.

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